Von Calphen Travelling – »Exclusive Travelling« to the most spectacular places in the world

Egilwarth von Calphen, the first representative from the Karpfen dynasty, is a patron for the Hohenkarpfen Estate offer of »Exclusive Travelling«.

Organised by the Hohenkarpfen Estate, guests will be carried off to the loveliest and most spectacular hideaways of this world. Extraordinary, fascinating and personal encounters between people, nature & ocean.

"A promise – you have never travelled this way before!"

Here our guests, accompanied by the Traveller Team from the Hohenkarpfen Estate, will find the most diverse travel to the African, American or Asian continent and thereby discover some of the most alluring places in the world. No matter whether you want to have a glorious wine tour in California or South Africa, or to discover the natural wonders of Hawaii, Namibia or South East Asia, individuality and luxury are guaranteed. So, together with the team from the Estate, travellers can look behind the scenes of some of the most famous hotels in the world and enjoy the most beautiful time of the year to the full.

We are currently working on the plans for our tours in 2018.