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Surrounded by breathtaking landscape scenery the Hohenkarpfen Estate Hotel creates the perfect background setting for numerous activities in the 'great outdoors'. Whether you go hiking, walking or biking, you are always accompanied by tranquillity and relaxation in the natural environment, before, after and during your outing. The region around the Hohenkarpfen Estate, with its incredible views across the Danube mountain area, the Swabian Mountains, and on a clear day, even as far as the Swiss Alps, is the ideal location for hikers and nature lovers.


Some footpaths start directly in front of the Hohenkarpfen Estate Hotel (the Main-Neckar-Rhein-Weg HW3 / Schwäbischer Albverein), so you can experience nature in all its aspects. At a variety of hiking stages, walking through cultural, historic and natural history sites, hikers will experience here the highlights of the Danube mountain area and the Swabian Mountains. Circular hiking trails round the Hohenkarpfen will charm you with the captivating landscape.


One especially popular hiking route is the special stage of the Danube mountain area trail between the two table mountains, Hohenkarpfen and Hohenlupfen. This hiking trail with the coordinates 48° 2′ 28″ N, 8° 43′ 6″ E will take delighted hikers through this glorious mountain world on the section from the Hohenkarpfen to the "King of the Baar", the 976 metre high Hohenlupfen.