The history of the Hohenkarpfen Estate – the fascination of a conservation area estate



On the Baar plateau of the Swabian Mountains, between the towns of Hausen ob Verena, Gunningen and Seitingen-Oberflacht lies the 912 metre-high table mountain, Hohenkarpfen. Just a few kilometres away from Hohenkarpfen is the Albtrauf, the northwest aligned precipice of the Swabian Mountains, with the Trinity Mountain and a second table mountain, the highest mountain of the Baar, the Hohenlupfen.


Once upon a time, Count von Lupfen maintained a castle complex on the Hohenkarpfen – the Burg Hohenkarpfen.


Nowadays the Hohenkarpfen is a popular excursion destination because of its picturesque conical shape, and the views over the Baar and across to the Black Forest. Since the 1930s the summit has been designated a conservation area.


The Hohenkarpfen Art Foundation, which maintains a museum on the Hohenkarpfen, has prominence far and beyond this region.


The Artists' Scholarship is organised by Frau Susanne Ritzi-Mathé and gives contemporary artists the opportunity to install an appropriate sculpture in the open on the Hohenkarpfen. The former dairy was built 300 years ago from the ruins of the Knight's castle at Hohenkarpfen, which was destroyed in the year 1643.


After many years of management as a farm, in 1978, following complete renovation, the restaurant was opened.


In 1989 the former barn was converted into a hotel. Since then the conservation area designated Hohenkarpfen Estate has become well known as an attractive events venue for conferences and weddings. The Estate is also frequently visited for recreation and relaxation and, with its captivating surroundings, it has great powers of attraction for both young and old.


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